Cancellation of Individual plan with PPO Networks

Cancellation of Individual plan with PPO Networks

Many insurers in Texas are understandably concerned with the cancellation of individual plans with PPO networks. This is a statewide issue that is not unique to the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange. While there are PPO plans available (options vary regionally) and alternatives that are similar to a PPO, the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange is currently working on adding new plans with PPO networks in the coming weeks. Members should check back with the exchange between now and December 1 as more options are expected to become available by then.

Additionally, members with firms of two or more total employees may inquire through the exchange about employer-sponsored group health plan options that have PPO networks. These plans include in-network providers that may not be available through the individual market, such as MD Anderson. Members should call and speak with a counselor to inquire about these options.

The Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange aims to offer all options available on the open market including on-exchange and off-exchange plans that are not available in the federal marketplace. Talking with a counselor is the best method to obtain the best rates and coverage possible. Your personal counselor will be there for you throughout the year to provide concierge-level support and advocacy on choosing plans and handling claims that are not available anywhere else. Contact a licensed Benefits Counselor at 1-800-282-8626.

We will continue to pursue all plans available on the market to ensure State Bar of Texas members have access to the best health insurance plans possible.

In addition to health insurance, exclusive offers and rates on several ancillary products are available.