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Stay competitive by offering health benefits to employees.

Easily control your business’s healthcare expenses while providing more personalized coverage options to your employees. From on-boarding to health insurance and everything in between, take care of all of your employee benefits needs by creating your custom online benefits portal.

We’ll customize an online portal for your company that gives your employees access to an array of competitive employee benefits from industry-leading carriers, including exclusive health plan options only available to Texas law firms.

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Focused on Needs-based Solutions

Our team of experts will identify the best group health solution for you based on your firm’s unique needs.

The Members Health Plan (MHP) is a new group health option designed exclusively for Texas law firms.

This fully-insured approach is the most common for providing an employer-sponsored health plan. The company pays a premium to the health insurance carrier and the carrier is responsible for paying claims.

  • ACA-compliant plans suitable for all groups
  • Large PPO national network options
  • May be ideal for groups with higher claims

These partially self-funded plans are prepackaged to function like a fully-insured plan, but with greater potential for lower premiums, flexibility and opportunity for long-term savings. Now offered by most major insurance carriers for groups as small as 5 (enrolled).

  • Large PPO national network options
  • Low-risk / high-reward option for qualified group candidates
  • Ideal for groups with low or average medical claims
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Complimentary Enrollment & Management Platform

Your Private Health Exchange will be powered by our best-in-class benefits enrollment and management platform. And as a member of The State Bar of Texas you receive complimentary access to this premium group benefits tool. With a 24/7 integrated online system at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy the same convenience, simplicity, and decreased administration costs — but without the installation, setup and maintenance fees.

Your employees will experience a user-friendly interface, valuable enrollment and benefits management resources, and an interactive decision support tool that guides them to the ideal plans by helping them make informed choices.

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Defined Contribution Capabilities

Give your employees a set amount of money to spend on their benefits needs. Instead of offering a “one-size-fits-all” health and benefits package, you can empower your employees to choose the combination of coverage that’s right for them. Think of defined contribution as an allowance you give your employees for their insurance and benefits. You decide how much, they decide what works. For example: employees get a monthly allowance of $350 and decide that $300 can be spent on health insurance, and $50 can be used for dental coverage.

Already pluged into your private exchange is a voluntary ancillary bennefit platform similar to what a fortune 500 company offers to their employees.

Concessions on Ancillary Products

When you enroll in the exchange, you will also be gaining access to a voluntary ancillary benefits platform typically only offered by Fortune 500 companies — with rate and participation concessions on dental, vision, life, disability, and more.

For many small employers, it can be difficult to meet participation requirements that other ancillary plan providers have in order to offer quality employee benefits. These hurdles have been removed through the Texas Bar Private Exchange. Additionally, many of the benefits include special pricing.

As the employer, you can choose to contribute funds to help your employees cover the cost of the product. You also have the ability to remove any of these ancillary products from the platform if you choose not to offer them.


Unique Cost-saving Opportunities

Our experienced counselors will work with you to customize a solution that will save you money while maintaining employee satisfaction. We’ll find the best solution for your unique situation by exploring a range of options such as:

  • HSA (health savings accounts)
  • HRA (health reimbursement accounts)
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Level-funded plans
  • Partially self-funded plans
  • Return-of-premium / large claim refunds potential
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HR and Compliance Solutions

All of your HR, payroll, and benefit needs are consolidated in one place. Our suite of compliance solutions helps you navigate the new world of health care and comply with the complex provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Human Resources (HR) application is a powerful, multifaceted system that enables companies to automate and create more efficient HR processes. Employee notifications and employer reporting are quickly and easily configurable and available anytime, anywhere with 24/7/365 access to the applications via web browser or mobile device.

Manage numerous scheduling and alert options to meet the evolving needs of your business making compliance easier for Social Security, Homeland Security, Department of Labor, and the ACA with time and attendance tracking.

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Unparalleled Support

From basic questions and decision support, to enrollment processing and in-depth consultations — we know how important it is to be able to work with a real advisor who takes the time to develop specific knowledge about your needs and answer your questions. Our dedicated team of benefits counselors and account managers have helped thousands of individuals and are specially trained to provide both you and your employees expert assistance with health plans, checking provider networks, prescription medication, billing errors, lost ID cards, confusing jargon, and more.