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father teaching young son how to safely use a hammer for a DIY project

3 Ways to Stay Safe with DIY Projects

With millions of people staying home this past year, many have taken on new hobbies and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to stay occupied. Maybe you’ve decided to update a room, paint the hallway, or refurbish the basement. While these projects are rewarding, they can also increase the risks for unexpected injuries. Follow these three tips to help stay safe during your next DIY project.

DIY Safety Hacks:

  • Avoid kickback on a table saw – (when a piece of wood is suddenly propelled aggressively back to the user). Avoid injury by using an appropriate guide to cut wood and by using a riving knife on your saw to prevent kickback in the first place. You can also use a push stick to move wood through the saw, allowing you to keep your hands and body away from the wood.
  • Watch your hands with a nail gun – Always be sure that your hands are far away from the gun, even if you think it’s positioned somewhere the nail isn’t likely to come out Wearing a pair of durable work gloves can add an extra layer of protection as well.
  • Protect your eyes from flying debris – Always wear an eye shield or goggles, especially when working on projects where small particles are likely to float in the air.1

Unexpected injuries can be common and costly. Sprains, fractures, and arthritis are just a few other examples of what could potentially sidetrack you from future projects.

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Hopefully, your DIY projects won’t cause you to need the benefits of an LTD plan. But if they do, you’ll be glad that you have one.


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