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Blue Blocker Lenses: Are They Worth The Hype?

As our bodies continue to age, it is understandable that we begin to experience more changes. And whether we like it or not, doctors and other medical specialists are here to help us make sure that our bodies are operating at the very best levels that they can and when they are not, doctors are …


Final Market Stabilization Rule

Did you know that approximately 500,000 fewer Americans enrolled in a plan during the open enrollment in 2017 than in 2016? The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued the final market stabilization rule. The goal is to increase choices, lower premiums and encourage stability in health insurance markets for 2018. The rule makes ...

Tips for Fighting Flu in the Workplace

Flu can be a big disruption for business. Employees who are sick may need to take time off to recover and may not be as productive when it comes to getting work done. In addition, symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and fever can spread germs to healthy employees. The single best way to prevent seasonal ...

How to get health coverage outside of the open enrollment period

How to get Health Coverage Outside of the Open Enrollment Period Your Guide to Understanding Qualifying Life Events and Special Enrollment Life happens, and when it does, it is very likely that your health insurance coverage may need to change. When you encounter a qualifying life event that impacts your insurance needs, it is important ...

Meet Chas Trinder – One of Your Benefits Counselors

Meet Chas Trinder – One of Your Benefits Counselors You may know Chas by his charming British accent, but we know Chas as a caring, customer-centric individual. He has a passion for helping clients with their health insurance needs, while also helping them stay with-in their budget. To learn more about Chas, read the interview below: Tell us about you Family: …


Holiday Hours

Upcoming Holiday Hours In observation of the holiday season, we will be closed the following day: Thursday, November 26th Friday, November 27th Thursday, December 24th (closed at noon) Friday, December 25th Thursday, December 31st (closed at noon) Friday, January 1st We wish you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.


2016 Open Enrollment FAQs about Networks and Providers

2016 Open Enrollment FAQs about Networks and Providers Working with a licensed Benefits Counselor is the best way to find a plan that fits your needs. Call today at 1-800-282-8626. What are the differences between the networks that are available? PPO – Can receive care from any doctor you choose, no referral for specialty care, …


Cancellation of Individual plan with PPO Networks

Many insurers in Texas are understandably concerned with the cancellation of individual plans with PPO networks. This is a statewide issue that is not unique to the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange. While there are PPO plans available (options vary regionally) and alternatives that are similar to a PPO, the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange …


6 Reasons to Use the Texas Bar Private Insurance Exchange

As we approach the start of 2016 open enrollment which begins November 1, 2015, here are 6 top reasons to take advantage of the member private exchange when shopping for coverage.


Get Ready to Keep or Change your Coverage

Get Ready to Keep or Change your Coverage for 2016 Here are some important things to help guide you through the 2016 Open Enrollment process. You may have received a confusing letter from your health insurance carrier about the 2016 year. Don’t worry, your Benefits Counselor will help you navigate your elections for 2016. Open Enrollment …

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